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We help transformational leaders take away the frustration of implementing lasting change by combining top-tier Enterprise Excellence techniques with the developing knowledge around neuroscience, motivation, and cultural change to transform the way your organisation does what it does.

The improvements your organisation will make will not merely be temporary but instead will unlock irreversible excellence, and conquer those pressing short-term goals that are occupying your thoughts at night. Sign up, and let me show you how! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

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Meet the Founder of Focused Potential

Dan Stanway

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Hi, I'm Dan and I spent 15 years in operational management and divisional business transformation roles before beginning my career in coaching in 2014.

Since then my own transformational journey has taken me to coach Top-Tier Executives in multi-billion pound organisations in Engineering and Transportation industries, as well as SMEs in industries as diverse as packaging, and aerospace.

In my 15 year pre-coaching career I held senior executive roles including full Factory Management responsibility for a major oil and gas products manufacturer, delivering the financial, operational, and business objectives.

I was also fortunate enough to have a varied career which gives me the necessary insight for what good looks like in most functional areas. At one time or another, I was accountable for the performance of Planning, Procurement, Sourcing, Warehousing, Despatch, Quality, Internal Sales, Strategic Sourcing, Design, New Products Introduction, and Business Transformation.

Tailoring improvement methodologies to help clients develop their own way is a passion for me, which I prefer is done with a very hands-on approach, working closely with front-line and leadership teams alike. 

I can't wait to meet you so we can discuss how best to help you with your own transformational journey.

Dan's experience in delivering Business Transformation includes these well known brands

Does this sound like you?

The decline or disappearance of business improvements made in years gone by is far from unusual.  

We understand how frustrating it can be for leaders and team members alike to witness the reversing of historic improvements or best practices. You're not on your own, and the good news is we know exactly where to find the answer to stop it happening again.

  • Do you feel like... it must be me that's failing
  • Does it seem like... I have no outside help or resources who can understand what its going to take to fix this
  • Are you frustrated that... other people simply don't behave or take the correct actions or accountability which results in a negative impact on business performance
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  worry about what this means for your own and your organisations future prospects 


Proven Outcomes

"Focused Potential led the delivery of a large-scale cultural change programme with us over the course of a year and was pivotal in helping us establish our ways of working for a critical multi-billion pound delivery programme."


"Focused Potential coached one of my managers in a challenging warehouse environment, where safety was a real concern, and the change was completely transformative, in terms of Safety, Morale, Quality, Delivery, and Cost. The insight and ability to get results from the people being coached is truly world class"


"I just want to offer a huge thanks for all the help and support given to me by the Focused Potential Coach, over the past few months. It's been truly eye opening for me and will keep what I've learnt with me for the rest of my career. Thanks for the excellent coaching!"​


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Get your free Business Maturity Self-Assessment

Click the button and get you and your organisation started on that path to excellence, whether or not you chose to ask us for help.

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